Illinois Virtual Mail

With our Illinois virtual mail service, we receive your mail at an Illinois business address, unique to you. Get virtual open-and-scan service or opt for traditional mail forwarding.

We also offer three pricing options – so you can choose what’s best for your business mail needs.

Illinois Virtual Mail
How It Works on Our End

New mail sorted by unique suite number

Junk mail shredded

Mail opened and contents scanned

PDFs uploaded to your secure account

Originals stored 60 days then shredded

Customer service for questions & requests

We don’t sell customer data.  It’s in our privacy policy.

Need more than mail? Add a phone service and Illinois office lease for just $59 per month (total!) with our Illinois virtual office!

Illinois Virtual Mail
How It Works on Your End

Log in to your online account

Click the document icon to view your mail

View, download, or print

Click to request physical document

Checks forwarded on request

Easily add on registered agent or business formation services

We never contract out services.

The full contents of your mail, online.


Your Unique Illinois Business Address

business addressWhether you work from home or simply value your privacy, you may not want your address exposed to the public. The unique address we give you can be used as your primary business address on public forms, on your website, and business cards. You can give it to clients and use it to sign up for business accounts – while keeping your own address private and secure.

Your unique business address is located in a professional neighborhood in Springfield, IL, at our very own building, where your mail is processed in-house.

We Forward Packages

We are happy to forward your packages for a $15 handling fee, plus postage. We notify you upon receipt of packages for your instructions.

We Forward Checks

Have a check coming and would like it to be forwarded to you? With one click, we’ll send it to your address on file. Send us an email or call if you’d like it sent somewhere else, like your bank.

Have a special request? Speak to a filer in the mail room.

Traditional Mail Forwarding

Mail ForwardingJust because we offer virtual mail services doesn’t mean we forgot where we came from. We still offer traditional mail forwarding services. Just select physical mail forwarding on the order form. When we receive your mail, we’ll sort it, toss the junk, and scan only the outside of the envelope. Then each Friday, we’ll send you a bundle of your unopened mail.

Illinois Mail Forwarding FAQs


What is free mail forwarding?

We extend to all of our registered agent clients a free version of our mail forwarding service. The free version does not include a unique address. The free mail forwarding account covers you in the event that we receive an occasional piece of mail intended for you. We scan up to 5 pieces of mail free of charge.

If you want more or want a unique Illinois business address of your very own, check out our paid mail forwarding services.

Can I just use the registered agent address as my business address

No. Though it’s true we do welcome all clients to use our address on public forms instead of theirs, only our premium mail forwarding services come with a unique physical address that is appropriate for using as a primary business address.

What happens if I exceed the number of mail items in my plan?

If you exceed the number of mail items in your plan, don’t worry. You can either upgrade your plan or pay a per item fee of $15.

Do I have to live in Illinois to sign up for Illinois virtual mail service?

No! Our mail forwarding service gives you an Illinois address no matter where you are.