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Looking for a quick and easy way to get your business on the internet? Look no further than our Illinois Business Presence package. Get all the online essentials, like a website, email addresses, business phone number and more when you sign up for registered agent or business filing services.

No coding or website building experience? Not super tech savvy? No problem! We have web support experts to guide you through customizing your business website.

Our Illinois Business Presence package will give your company the boost it deserves!

What do I get with the Business Presence package?

The Business Presence package has everything you need to get your business going online: domain and website, SSL for website security, email addresses, and a business phone line. Take a closer look at what each feature does for your business:

Domain – This is your business web address (ex:

    • FREE for the first year free up to $25 (most domain addresses cost under $25. If the
      domain you choose costs more, you only pay the difference!)
      Already have a business domain address? No worries! Transferring your domain to us is free and you’ll get a free year extension on your domain license up to $25 value!
      Choose any TLD (top level domain), or extension, you want: .com, .net, .org, .buyme, etc.
      We’ll help you find an available domain for your business with the extension you choose.
      Yearly renewal required- cost depends on the extension you chose, typically around $25 per year.

Website – This is the “house” you build for your business at your domain address

    • We give you a prebuilt template website you can customize with your photos, text descriptions of your business, and more!
    • We have web support experts standing by to walk you through every step of building your website

SSL website security – SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer,” a super techy phrase for making information sent through your website safe from data theft

    • Your clients will be able to safely purchase your products and services through your website
    • Keeps any information exchanged through your website private

Email Addresses – Up to 10 different email addresses featuring your domain address (ex:

    • Increases the level of professionalism on business cards and advertisements
    • Helps you separate your business emails from your personal “gmail or yahoo” emails

Business Phone Number – Choose any area code in the US, then choose an available number for your business

    • Keeps your personal mobile phone number private
    • Have all business phone number calls forwarded to your mobile phone
    • View voicemails, texts, call history from our free easy-to-use app on your phone or computer

Try out the entire package FREE for 90 days (except for the domain which is free up to $25 for one year!). After the first 90 days, each service is only $9 a month. Get a 20% monthly discount when you choose to keep all the monthly services. Call us if you have any questions or need any help with your website. There’s never a cancellation fee, and you can always pick and choose which features you want or don’t want to keep.

How will a website help my business?

These days, having a successful business means having a digital presence on the internet. A website will save you time, expand your customer base, launch your brand and help you develop a solid reputation on social media.

How would a business website save me time?

Imagine all the calls or emails you would not have to answer asking basic information like “what are your hours?” or “where are you located?” Having a website that answers these questions for you saves you time and makes your business more convenient and accessible for your clients!

How does a business website expand my customer base?

When your business has a website, anyone anywhere in the world can find it! Your business website is available 24/7: potential clients don’t have to wait for you to be open to learn about your business or order your products/services.

What does launching my brand look like online?

Your website can feature your business logo, catch phrase, and photos of your products and results of your services. People who view your website would learn to think of your business when they need what you’re offering. This gives your business credibility and legitimacy!

Why should I build a business reputation on social media?

Chances are, you’ve read a business review or two on the internet and made a decision about that business based on that review. Social media isn’t just apps like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s reviews left by customers on Google, Yelp, or the BBB.

Connecting your business website to social media gives you the chance to show off your awesome business, rake in the positive reviews, and dramatically increase your client base!

Why choose you to build my business website?

You should choose us to help you build your online business website because we’re affordable, accessible, and we offer you step-by-step support.

  • Affordable? Yes! You get to experience this package for free for 90 days. After that, it’s just $9 a month for each feature you want to keep. Keeping the entire package means you get 20% off each month! And, you get your business domain free for 1 year up to $25. If your chosen domain would cost more than $25, just pay the difference for the first year!
  • Accessible? Yes! Manage every part of your filings, services, and website package from your phone or computer. Call us to speak to a local business expert about your business, or receive guidance when customizing your website from our web support team.
  • Step-by-Step Support? Want help getting started with building your website content? We’ve got website specialists standing by to guide you through it every step of the way! Real human beings are here to walk you through every aspect of your business and all your filings and services.

Hiring us to start your website makes perfect business sense, especially when combined with our other business management services. We can help you stay organized, maintain your address privacy, and give your business an online presence all under one cost effective roof!

How do I sign up for Illinois Business Presence?

There are a couple ways you can sign up for our Business Presence package:

During account sign-up: When you first sign up for either our registered agent service or business filing services, you can check the box to add the Business Presence package to your order.

Already have an account with us? You can log in to your client portal and click the “Hire Us” tab, then choose “Set Up Your Online Presence.”

After you’ve established your company with the state, the best thing you can do to grow your business is to develop a professional looking business website. We look forward to working with you and watching your business thrive!