About Illinois Registered Office

We care about business in Illinois because we live and work here, too — and we know first-hand Illinois doesn’t make it easy (or affordable!) to run a business.

So we’ve dedicated our company to solving these problems.

Illinois Registered Office BuildingThe building we own in Springfield, IL

Illinois Registered Office - Distance to Capitol

We bought ebikes for our couriers to ensure your filings never have to wait.


Unlike our competitors, our prices are low and our service is local.

(Our building is literally a 10-minute drive from the state capitol.)

As local registered agents with our own building, we’re capable of and committed to providing the best service at the best value. Here at Illinois Registered Office, we promise:

An employee of Illinois Registered Office looks through a filing cabinet in our office in Springfield.

In Illinois, certain filings can’t be submitted online (and can’t be expedited by mail). No problem. Our building is only a few minutes away from the state capitol.

Local Expertise

We work out of our own building in the heart of Springfield. Not only are we communicating with the Illinois Secretary of State on a daily basis, we can visit in person if need be (like for foreign LLC or corporation filings, which can’t be filed online).

Many of our competitors offer nationwide service, but their understanding of Illinois is skimpy at best. We, on the other hand, have formed thousands of businesses and provide registered agent service for even more, all of them right here in Illinois. No one knows business formation in Illinois like we do.

“As a team, our favorite part of the job is being the liaison between our clients and the Secretary of State by taking the confusing out of state filings and processes.”
– Illinois Registered Office Team

Commitment to Privacy


Don’t want to make your home address public? Tired of watching your mailbox get flooded by junk mail? We don’t blame you. That’s why we don’t sell your data to third-party vendors or advertise needless extras from “partners” or “sponsors.” We don’t work that way. Here at Illinois Registered Office, your information is kept private. Always.

Plus, because we own our own building, we’re able to offer benefits you wouldn’t be able to get from a big, nationwide service — like a local address. When you hire us, our address is yours.

An employee of Illinois Registered Office looks through a color-coded filing cabinet at our office in Springfield.

We offer both virtual mail services and physical mail forwarding. Your choice!

“I love being able to educate our clients during the stressful time of starting a business.”

– Angie, Illinois Registered Office

An employee of Illinois Registered Office sits at her desk in our office in Springfield.

Our registered agent service is $49 a year. That’s it.

Affordable Prices

Our fee structure is simple. We charge enough to help us make a living and stay in business… that’s it. It’s enough so that we can keep our prices transparent and NOT have to upsell you on anything or add unnecessary services you didn’t ask for and don’t need.

We know first-hand how difficult it can be to form and maintain a business, so we thought: why make it more frustrating than it already is? We’re here to help simplify things, starting with our prices.

“I enjoy helping clients navigate the process of forming and maintaining their business in Illinois.”

– Brittani, Illinois Registered Office

Lifetime Support

The business climate may be unpredictable, but we’re not. Our prices are consistent, our services are simple, and we’re real Illinoisans answering the phones.

That’s because we live here, we work here, and we actually care about businesses in Illinois.

We’re here for the long haul, folks. That’s just our way.

Three employees of Illinois Registered Office gather at a table at our office in Springfield.

We’re experts so you don’t have to be.

Why Choose Illinois Registered Office?

We believe forming and maintaining a business in Illinois should be simple and easy, without unnecessarily steep fees. That’s why we created Illinois Registered Office.

With our local business services, maintaining your company is simple, easy and affordable.

Don’t settle for second-rate service. Hire the best. Hire Illinois Registered Office.

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