Free Illinois Courier Service

If you’re registering an out-of-state business or filing an amendment for anything other than a domestic name change, you’ll have to physically show up at the Secretary of State Office to expedite.

We offer a FREE Illinois courier service to our registered agent clients because certain filings in Illinois can only be expedited in person.

We solve this problem by same-day hand delivering expedited paperwork for our registered agent clients to the Secretary of State — for free!


Why Illinois Courier Service is Necessary

Illinois courier service isn’t just for fun. Many filings in Illinois take a month to process unless filed in person.

  • You’re Out of State. If you are registering an out-of-state business, you are probably not here, in Illinois. Since most businesses don’t want to wait a month for their paperwork to go through, they end up hiring a courier service to hand deliver their paper work to the Secretary of State. But one of the many perks of being an Illinois Registered Agent client is that we’ll perform this task for you, for free.
  • You Have a Time-Sensitive Amendment. Usually an amendment of any kind is going to be time sensitive. If you file by mail, the Illinois Secretary of State can often take a month or more to process. Hire us and we’ll do it for you same day. (The cut off for same day delivery is 2:00 CST.)

Business Services that Require In-Person Expediting

Below is a list of the most common Illinois business services to require in-person Expediting. All of these services can be ordered quickly and easily within the registered agent client account. Just hire us as your state required registered agent, then order any of these services from within your account with the click of a button!

How Our Service Works

Our office is less than a mile from the Secretary of State. We send a courier over daily at 3:00 CST. Get your paperwork to us before 2:00 and we’ll get it same day filed. It’s just another way we are head and shoulders above the competition.

How to Order Our Illinois Courier Service

Our Illinois courier services and Illinois foreign filing services are available to our registered agent clients. Once you’ve hired us as your registered agent, simply log in to your account to view and purchase additional services.

Our foreign registration and amendment filing services are just $100 plus state filing and expedite fees.

Once you’re here, you’ll find we make filings and so much more easier for you and for your business.

Enjoy all these benefits and more when you’re an Illinois Registered Agent client!

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